StayAhead101® is owned and operated by Treasure D.

We are based in Atlanta, GA but also serve the entire USA.


After speaking with several men and teaching lessons to her friends over the years, Treasure realized that many women are completely in the dark when it comes to properly giving GREAT oral sex. There are many myths and misconceptions regarding fellatio, however, when done correctly, it is actually a truly enjoyable experience for both counterparts.

What makes Treasure so great at fellatio? Her technique, style, variations, spontaneity...the list could go on and on. She has always been complimented and practically praised for her oral sex talents and has never been told she was not the BEST.

Treasure and her team have put in the man hours by doing research and trial and error so that you can have a very fun and informative experience. New content is continuously being added to the courses. Our research never ends!


There is definitely a special technique associated with oral sex and once you master it, you and your partner will forever be grateful!


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