Greg - January 2022

Amazing Instruction!

Amazing instruction Treasure! Can't wait to see what the wife retains! Thank you so much. She enjoyed it. She said you showed several "new and interesting" techniques. I can't wait! Thanks again. You're awesome. 

Martha & John - November 2020


Good morning Treasure, just wanted to say thank you for everything you taught Martha. Our fellatio sessions have been incredible! We are very happy! 


Martha & John - October 2020


Treasure, thank you so much for your guidance and fellatio tutorial on Saturday. Martha and I had an excellent fellatio session this morning using your techniques. It was fabulous! THANK YOU!



Tricia - April 2020

Great Class

Absolutely enjoyed the class yesterday and I learnt a lot. Thank you much and looking forward to the next one.

Shana - April 2020

Too Quick!

I used some tricks we learned today and he came so quick! Then went to sleep on me :(. Which is why I'm still up mad as I'm writing this. I will for sure use that as a finisher next time! Thanks again! You’re amazing! Looking forward to part two. 




Kara - February 2020


Treasure, I just wanted to thank you!!! I used your tips and techniques this morning. BLEW HIS MIND!!! He was just lost in it. And it was even a huge turn on for me. Thank you again!



Daesha - June 2019


Treasure, thank you so much for the glove! It was an amazing tool and helped make this so much more manageable.


Greg - January 2019

Happy Hubby!

Your instruction definitely helped! She gave me an amazing blow job last night and this morning, both very different from what she's always done. Thank you for suggesting the morning time to her! She was also very eager to show off what she'd learn. In fact, she wasted very little time with foreplay!



Ella - August 2018


Thanks Treasure! Girl! You are the bomb! Look at what my boyfriend texted me today. "Got dayuuummm. You really blew my mind last night...that was the best head ever. I think my soul literally came out of my body and I was watching us!!!"

Nick - August 2018

Thank you

Wow- thank you for all you do! Because of you- our marriage has been filled with greater connection and closeness than ever!




Jana - July 2018

A Pleasure

It was such a pleasure working with Treasure and her team at StayAhead101. I helped organize a group of ladies for a bachelorette party in Miami. The process was seamless and super accommodating. Once the event day finally occurred, we all had such an amazing time. The Part 1 and Part 2 party is worth it. If you have the opportunity to book a party, do it. Thank you Treasure and team for an awesome experience.


Brandi - April 2018


Madame was wonderful! She was very thorough in her instructions and demonstrations and we loved her presentation! She was able to bring even the shyest person in our group out of her shell and by the end of the night we all felt inspired to use our tips and tricks. Thank you for making my friend's Bachelorette Party a night to remember. The next time we are in Florida we will definitely be contacting you again.

Gina - January 2018

A Million THANKS!

Treasure, THANK YOU so much for our wonderful session!!! You are so sweet and truly talented. I learned A LOT. A million THANKS! I tried what I learned on my husband while snowed in and he looovveeeddd it! I may need to come in again to learn more. Thank you!!!



Katie - October 2017


StayAhead is the BEST blow job class I've seen and trust me...I've done my research. Nothing in my area comes close to Treasure's expertise and knowledge.



Alexandria - September 2017

Truly Gifted

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the StayAhead Fellatio Workshop - Part 1. Treasure is truly gifted and I truly respect her business acumen. My boyfriend was quite delighted with the new techniques Treasure taught. I will definitely be attending Part 2 within the next few weeks and he's definitely looking forward to it also! Can't wait!

Anisa - March 2017

Practice Makes Perfect

After attending the class and on my road trip back home, I practiced all the way to Huntsville...(smile).  I think some of the other drivers/passengers that passed me or I passed were wondering "what in the world is she doing," as I had my tongue out touching my chin or the tongue flick.  I can't wait to have a moment to myself to start to actually practice the hand movements along with suction.  I believe I will blow his mind with the "wake up call" he'll get. 

Dina - October 2016

Loved it!

We loved the Blow His Mind Party that we booked and we were still talking about it almost a week later at the wedding! Treasure was so patient and sweet! This was a surprise for my mom and a great idea!

Jenna - July 2016


I cannot stop thanking Treasure for an AMAZING time! The Bachelorette Party I planned for my best-friend would have been so stale without her. I will be sure to pass StayAhead's info onto others in need of a good time!!!



Janette - June 2016

Blessing & a Curse

I have taken a 1:1 Session and attended the class setting and I too have experienced a blessing and a curse. My husband gets to his climax way quicker than before now. So quick that I don't even get mine. Lol! But Treasure gave me some tips on how to prevent this. Now my husband always says, "Damn you got good!" I owe it all to Treasure!!!




Jan - May 2016

#ONE (#1)

The girls ranked our event with StayAhead (Blow His Mind Party - Part 1 & 2) the highest out of everything we did during the Bachelorette Party weekend. They will probably be talking about it for weeks...maybe even months! I appreciate StayAhead's professionalism from my intial contact starting from when I booked at the beginning of the year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!



Darlene - May 2016



It's been 2 years since I booked two 1:1 Sessions with Treasure. I wrote a testimonial 2 years ago and wanted to write another to express my gratitude. I will be attending again for a refresher session soon. However, I wanted to express the fact that taking the classes truly changed my life and gave me the confidence I never thought I had. I felt so comfortable during the sessions and 2 years later, I am still so glad I attended. I tell ladies about StayAhead all the time, some are surprised I took a class like this, but you never know what new you may learn and it totally changed me in a great way!

Dana - April 2016

New Level

I attended Part 1 of the StayAhead Fellatio Workshop and it has definitely paid off. I was already a sexual woman but my man says we've now reached a new level in our relationship! Who would have thought!

Kendra - April 2016

Book Her


Ladies, book her! Very fun and professional...makes you feel so comfortable. Thank you Doll!

Crissy - February 2016

A Blessing


I booked Part 1 as a 1:1 Session. Taking the StayAhead Fellatio Class was definitely a blessing...and a curse!!! My boy-friend loves it much more than I anticipated. But I am up for the challenge and will just have to keep my head game skills up so that I can keep up! The 1:1 Session definitely helped spice my relationship up!

John - October 2015



I ordered Part 2 of the Blow His Mind Party as a surprise for my fiancé’s Bachelorette Party in Nashville, TN. Boy were they surprised, they had no idea. They had a blast! I can't wait to see what she learned. ;)

Viviana - September 2015

Lips & Hips


I booked the Lips & Hips Party as a surprise for a Bachelorette Party. We all enjoyed the party! So I made sure to reach out to Treasure a few weeks later to let her know. She and Temptation were great teachers! We even enjoyed this more than the male stripper we've had for a few Bachelorette Parties!

Diana - May 2015

Husbands Very Impressed!


The Bachelorette Party I hosted booked Part 1 & 2 of the Blow His Mind Party. The days following the party I received some of the funniest and interesting texts and phone calls from the ladies who attended the party. They all have raved about the tricks taught by Treasure and how their husbands love her!  I even talked to one of their husbands and he wanted to tip Treasure for teaching his wife something new. I just wanted to let everyone know that Treasure is AWESOME! Not only as a teacher but she also has a kind and sweet spirit. I will definitely recommend StayAhead for any other up coming events!!!

Mia - November 2014

Very Fun!


I booked a surprise Blow His Mind Party for my friend's Bachelorette Party. I was super excited about the party and the girls' reactions. It turned out to be a great idea and the girls raved about Treasure all night. She was so accommodating and her hostess presence was greatly appreciated. This was a very fun night and I will definitely be recommending StayAhead!

M.G. - June 2014



I planned a Bachelorette Party in Atlanta for my best friend & living in Ohio, it was very difficult not knowing the area. I ran across StayAhead online & decided to give it a try. Owner - Miss Treasure was available to answer my questions day in & day out & was very accommodating. This party was AWESOME!  The ladies laughed and joked from start to finish! She's definitely an expert in her field & made it FUN to learn new tricks!  She had the bridal party in awe at her abilities. My husband was anxious to see what I learned & he was amazed at my enhanced skills!!! If you're looking for a nonstop, fun filled party,  STAYAHEAD has my recommendations! I'm booking her for another party as we speak!!!

Darlene - May 2014

Thank You


Treasure was so open and direct with the very intimate parts of her life, which in turn was able to put me at ease. If you would have told me 5 years ago that the events of today would have occurred, I would have vehemently denied it! But, I thank Treasure for her courage and ability to empower me and others like me. Those who would like to know but are too proud to admit that they need instruction.


Thanks again for everything Treasure!

Melissa - April 2014

GREAT Teacher!!!


All I can remember is, "She was sucking the hell out of that d*ck...well dildo." Very fun class! Treasure is a great teacher and she knows so much about blow jobs...stuff you would never think of. This was a great start to our Bachelorette Party weekend!

Lance - November 2013



I found StayAhead on Google and decided to sign my wife up. Best decision ever. She has impoved TREMENDOUSLY and is SO in to it, she has great confidence now. She will definitely be going back for Part 2.


Men, sign your girlfriends and wives up!

Sianna - July 2013

Party Time!


I booked a Blow His Mind Party for my girls and I and it was great! We all were at different levels with our head game and we all were able to learn new things! Treasure is extremely personable and has a great personality. She makes everyone feel comfortable. I am looking forward to getting a different group of girls together and booking another party. The Blow His Mind Party is a great, different idea for groups of ladies. Remember to come with an open mind!


Thanks Treasure for a great night!

Carolina - May 2013

Sign Up Today!


Treasure is the head master for sure. I thought I knew all about head, after watching Kim Kardashian's sex tape. Now I feel so dumb because I now know Kim K definitely does not give good head. Treasure truly is GREAT at giving head and she does a phenomenal job teaching the classes also. I had so much fun and I'm usually very shy and quiet around others, but not in her classes. They are small and she makes sure you feel very comfortable. Shout out to Treasure! She's simply AMAZING!!!​

Oh yeah, no more Kim K videos!

​Jade - May 2013



I am no beginner when it comes to giving head, but I'm definitely not a beast at it either. I attended the class to see if I could learn some new skills and to my surprise I did! I was very impressed with how professional and hands-on the class was. You can easily go online to watch videos and read books on fellatio, but nothing is like the actual hands-on experience that Treasure provides. I highly recommend StayAhead to any woman looking to enhance her oral sex skills. ​​

Trisha - April 2013

GREAT Fellatio Class!!!


Wow! I really don't know where to start! I never really knew much about fellatio and had rarely ever performed it before. But I decided it was time for a change, especially since I'm married. Treasure was a great instructor and taught me sooo many things about fellatio. I attended Part 1 & 2 of her class and it was money very well spent. I am still not a pro like Treasure yet, but my skills have improved drastically. My husband is still extremely happy that I attended the classes!

Thank you Treasure!!!